24 March 2005

A Brief History of the Fraser-Hickson Computer Center & the Classroom


  • The Classroom was opened to the public in November 1998

  • 10 new PC workstations (Pentium II-300MHz) and a state of the art LCD Projector  were installed

  • A 2-hr Internet course was offered at $25.00

  • A 4-class computer course (8 hours) was offered at $100.00 on MS Word 97 and MS Excel 97



  • Name of computer center was changed from "ClubNet" to Computer Centre Informatique

  • High speed internet (ADSL) was incorporated

  • Seven new PCs were installed in the rental and staff area (Pentium II & III)

  • A commercial HP LaserJet 4000N printer was purchased to meet public needs

  • Enid, Chris, Leonard and Russell in the rental area

  • Windows NT4 replaced Windows 98 operating system

  • Class revenue was $39,000.00



  • Senior Link Club ( students 60 plus) was founded by Doris Burns with the assistance of Tara Gagnon

  • Fraser Hickson Library in partnership with Minority Apprenticeship Program Inc. provided the instructor and classroom for three consecutive sessions (1999 – 2001) to students on Business Office software programs and its applications

  • Fabien Vais taught two of the three sessions

  • A 3-hr computer course was offered at $60.00

  • A 10-hr (4 classes) course cost $120.00

  • Class revenue peaked at $64,000.00 that year

  • Computer Centre was staffed by 9 volunteers, 3 part time associates and one full time staff member


  • Even though the Senior Link Club folded that year, Tara Gagnon developed the SrLink course material and was instrumental in its success right up to 2004

  • A  15-hr (6 classes) SrLink course was offered at $100.00

  • A regular 10-hour computer course was offered at $120.00

  • 83 courses were given and 563 students benefited

  • Class revenue was $57,000.00 that year

  • On July 31st of that year, the computer rental area handled 46 PC users between 11:00am and 8:00pm (9 hours). It brought in a total of $150.00 in rental fees
    It meant we achieved 85% rental usage!
    That summer record has never been surpassed.

  • We made television coverage that year:

  • Frances Ackerman meets with Mayor Bourque with his electoral entourage



  • 54% or 3.2 million of the adult population in the province of Quebec were internet users that year.

  • 41% of the students that attended F-H Computer Classroom were seniors 60 plus

  • The classroom was outfitted with a new 10/100 Hub and PCI NIC adapters

  • Class revenue was $43,000.00

  • The Computer Centre shared the library’s exhibition kiosk that May as shown below:

  • John H. Dinsmore, Tara Gagnon and Dr. Stanley B. Frost



  • Frigid January and February months affected PC rentals at the Computer Centre

  • F-H Library closed its doors  on April 15th

  • Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal at the M.A.I.L. 2003 StreetFair

  • F-H Library reopened its doors on October 16th

  • Enid, Poh, Santa and Harm

  • Computer Center’s wish list was given to Santa!



  • The F-H CompuCentre had a kiosk at the May 2004 StreetFair

  • The amphitheatre featured 2 audio slideshows on "Fraser–Hickson Library’s rocky year of 2003"

  • Digital photography, onsite photo printing and a Wi-Fi Laptop were also exhibited

  • Bi-monthly F-H CompuCentre Newsletters made their debut

  • The www.fhcompucentre.com website was launched in October to give the computer centre a new look and provide detailed info on its computer course and workshop schedules

  • Fall computer workshops (2-hr & 4-hr courses) were introduced in addition to the MS Word, MS Excel, HTML Web Page Design, Intro to Windows PC and Senior Link (60 plus) Internet & Email courses

  • Ina Angelidou was responsible for development of this website.
    Anny Mueller, Tara Gagnon and Harm Meindersma assisted in this venture 


Its future:  

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