Workshops and Seminars   2 hours • $20 Short practical introductory courses to a variety of current interests in a computer environment.
A knowledge of WINDOWS O/S & Internet is required  
How to choose a PC computer
  • Determine the type of computer you need
  • Determine the attributes you want on your new computer
  • Choose a specific make and model
  • Find the best retailer and buy your computer

How to surf the net effectively
  • You can increase the accuracy of your searches by adding operators that fine-tune your keywords. You can also search by date, language, location and other restrictions.

Build a simple web page (two sessions • $40)
  • Publish your resumé, share family photos, or connect with others who share your interests. With Netscape Composer learn to use basic HTML to create simple web pages. Open a free account with Yahoo Geocities and upload your webpages to your own web address.

How to customize the computer folders, toolbars, etc
  • Get the most out of your Windows operating system by learning about the different functions and what they can do to make your computer work better. Organize the folders, also called directories, on your computer to keep all your programs and documents where you can easily find them.

Banking on the Internet
  • Manage your financial life. Real time. Any time. Online Banking is anywhere you have Internet access. With the Royal Bank Website as an example, learn how to check your account activity and balances & pay bills.

How to protect a computer from Internet intruders
  • The main purpose of the course is getting a broad understanding as to what threats are in the Internet and what can be done to protect a computer that is connected to the Internet.
    The core of the course will be on specific Internet Security software: How to install, configure and run it to ensure maximum security and protection when connected to the Internet.

How to organize and print pictures on the computer
  • With so many pictures, how do you organize them all? Learn to use Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition (free).
    How you store your images on your hard drive do not matter, you just import the pictures from your camera, CD, Floppy, hard drive, or scanner.
    With this software you can put one image in multiple categories, provide a description, and perform quick and easy searches.


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