FH CompuCentre Services  
Computer Rental Area
Our Computer Centre is your complete information technology access point.
We offer six computer workstations with high speed Internet access at very competitive rates.

Our computers are equipped with Internet Explorer, Mozilla & Netscape Navigator, MS Office 2000 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Access), MS Publisher 2000, Corel Suite & WordPerfect, MSN Messenger & Yahoo Messenger.

You are welcome to work on your personal files, print letters and documents, surf the Net, send and receive e-mail, learn new programs, and send faxes.

Print & Fax Services
• Printing
• Scanner services with PhotoShop
• Fax Services
...at very reasonable rates

Whether you want to complete schoolwork, look for and apply for jobs, keep in touch with friends and relatives, do research or learn about new things, our friendly and knowledgable staff is at your disposal.

Regular computer courses on a variety of subjects as well as courses tailored to a senior audience are available.
We also offer short workshops in a variety of current interests in a computer environment.
They are given in a separate classsroom in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Books About Computers
You are welcome to browse and choose books from our vast collection in a variety of subjects.
  • Computer languages
  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Howto and Getting started
  • Litterature

Last update: March 2005

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