Computer and Internet Acceptable Use Policy  
  1. It is not possible for library staff to control or monitor specific information children may locate on the Internet; it enables access to some material that may be inaccurate, offensive and/or illegal. Just as libraries do not vouch for or endorse the viewpoints of written material in their collections, they do not do so for electronic information. It is the responsibility of the user or parent/guardian to determine what is appropriate.
  2. Children aged 12 and under shall be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. Teenagers (13-17yrs) shall have the teen permission waiver signed by their parent or guardian.
  4. No more than two users per computer.
  5. Patrons shall not install software or programs (e.g. games)
  6. Patrons will be held responsible for negligent use resulting in damage to the hardware or to the software programs
  7. Display of text or graphics that may be construed as obscene or extremely violent is prohibited
  8. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate suspension.
  9. The Library staff can decide to stop the use of any computer by any person at any time.
  10. In consideration of being permitted to use the Library's Computer facilities, the Patron releases the Library and its representatives from any claims, demands, damages or actions arising out of any loss, injury or damage to the Patrons or property incurred while attending the Library, notwithstanding that any such loss may have arisen by reason of the negligence of the Library or its agents.

Last update: March 2005

(next update to be determined)
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