Microsoft Word 2000/97   4 classes • 8 hours + practice • $130 This course covers most of the features of MS Word, one of the most popular text editors in the market today.
During the eight hours of hands-on instruction (with a Pentium computer per student) you will be shown how to use Word to the full extent of its capabilities in the office, study or home environments.
After successfully completing the course, you will be able to prepare personal letters, long general texts and academic papers, as well as perform intermediate desktop publishing.  
Introduction Different actions
  • General information about text editors
  • Similarities and differences with typewriters
  • What is a document, where are they kept?
  • Drives, folders, files
  • Undo, redo actions
  • Print preview
  • Print (e.g. printing on both sides)
Use of toolbars and pull-down menus Columns and tables
  • Different toolbars: how to display them
  • How to use the pull-down menus
  • What are columns
  • Types of columns
  • How to define columns (for the whole document, for a block, for the remainder of the document)
  • What are tables, rows, columns?
  • How to create a table
  • How to modify a table
  • How to sort a table by different columns
  • Create, save & retrieve a document
  • Use several documents simultaneously
  • Set up margins and page orientation
Manipulation of text Publishing features
  • Fonts and sizes of letters; how to change them for the whole or part of a document
  • Cut, copy and paste text in documents and between different documents
  • Flow of text, line spacing, indentations
  • Footnotes, endnotes, headers, footers
  • Automatic numbering of pages
Corrections in the text Sundry functions
  • Check the spelling of a document
  • Proofread
  • Use of a Thesaurus, synonyms and antonyms
  • Hyphenation, choice of language
  • Word count
  • Paragraphs; spacing before and after
  • Insertion of pictures in the text
  • Create banners
  • Mail merge

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