Introduction to Windows PC & Internet / E-mail   4 classes • 8 hours + practice • $130 Addressed to people with little or no previous experience in the use of personal computers (PC’s), this course offers basic instruction to the user in accessing programs that run on Windows Operating System in IBM compatible PC’s, as a first step in becoming computer literate.  
Lesson 1 Lesson 2
     Basic concepts of Operating systems
  • Concepts of programs, files, folders, storage of data
  • Coonepts of hardware and software
  • How data is stored, bits and bytes
     Parts of the computer
  • Memories, Drivers, Monitor, Mouse, Printer & I/O devices
     Use of the computer - exercises
  • Turn on and shut down the computer
  • Icons and buttons, their meanings
  • Run a program
     Icons, bars in Windows O/S
  • OPen a document, a folder, minimize/maximie windows
     Running programs
  • General: Calculator, Paint, WordPad, NotePad
     Organization of data files and folders
  • Concepts of data storage
  • Files in general, what they are, where they are stored
  • Concept of Help in different programs and applications
  • How to create and name folders
  • How to drag files between folders
  • How to see what is in each folder
  • How to delete and undelete files and folders
     Using Word 2000
Lesson 3 Lesson 4
     Internet Explorer
  • Concept of browser and search engines
  • Search using menus in search engine
  • How to send e-mail using

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