WEB DESIGN   5 classes • 10 hours • $150 This course focuses on creating webpages.
In this course, the participant will learn the basics of HTML, the computer language for creating webpages, as well as some advanced features.
In addition, the participant will learn how to upload their webpage to the Internet and register the URL with search engines.
At the end of the course, the participants will have created a simple webpage, containing text, graphics and other components that they can save onto a disk and publish it on the Net.   Prerequisites: All participants must have basic Window environment (95, 98, ME, XP, etc.) computer skills and basic Word processing skills.
Internet experience is also essential.  
Lesson 1 Lesson 4
  • How does the WWW work?
  • How do webpages work?
  • What is HTML?
  • Basics for writing HTML
  • Viewing source technique
  • Changing the size & color of text
  • Changing the alignment of text
  • Hexadecimal color codes
  • Creating a simple webpage and previewing it in Netscape
  • Frames and Simple JavaScript
  • Creating a webpage containing frames
  • Making a table of contents using frames
  • Using links in frames
  • JavaScript basics
  • Simple JavaScript commands
  • Showing examples of what is possible by using Java
Lesson 2 Lesson 5
  • Making a link to another webpage
  • Making anchors in your webpage and linking to them
  • Tables & Forms: Creating a table
  • Changing the size and color of a table
  • Using a table to line up text
  • Making a basic form
  • Sending a message through a form
  • Finding a place to put your webpage
  • Management and planning of an entire site
  • Publishing your webpage and website
  • Using a file transfer program to upload your webpage
  • Directory structuring
  • Registering the URL with search engines
Lesson 3
  • Adding a pre-made image to your webpage
  • Creating a basic image (using a painting program)
  • Using digital camera input to create an image (author’s picture) and incorporating this image into the webpage
  • Converting images to web format (using a graphic conversion program)
  • Making an image into a link
  • Creating image maps (using an image mapping program)

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