Introduction to Windows PC for Seniors   6 classes • 15 hours + practice • $110 SeniorLinks is a beginner, computer course designed for those over the age of 60. Learn computer basics during this 15-hour course. Small class size and friendly atmosphere.  
Lesson 1 Lesson 2
     When to use the mouse
  • Clicking the mouse
  • Double-clicking the mouse
  • Dragging and dropping
     When to use the keyboard
  • Using the arrow keys
  • Using the enter key
  • Using the backspace key
  • Using the escape key
  • Using the Alt + Ctrl + Delete keys
     When to use the mouse pointer and / or the arrow – key to move the blinking cursor
  • The student is given a review of WordPad and then proceeds to open up a free E-Mail account with Hotmail.
  • Create a new query
  • Step by step instructions are given to ensure that the student has a proper user name and password.
  • The student can use this E-Mail account at any library computer or private computer to send or receive letters all over the Internet

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