The Internet and E-Mail - Beginners and Intermediate   2 classes • 4 hours + practice • $65 The ability of computers to communicate with each other has lead to the creation of a world-wide information resource known as the internet.
This resource is now easily accessible to everyone through the World Wide Web (WWW or "The Web" or W3), the graphical entryway to the internet.
This course will provide participants with an introduction to the Web and its many applications.
These include electronic mail (email), search techniques using search engines, downloading data files and software, access to electronic job banks, library, medical and other databases, home banking, and much more.
The material will be presented using a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice.  
Lesson 1 Lesson 2
     Basic concepts and terminology
     The World Wide Web and the Internet
     How to access the Internet from home and elsewhere
     Web Browsers
  • Using Internet Explorer: navigation skills connecting to websites, bookmarks
     Search techniques on the Internet
  • Search engines, searching using Boolean operators, searching for images, etc.
  • Using sending/receiving messages
  • Sending/Viewing attachments (pictures etc.)
  • Creating address books
     Downloading software and data files
  • Installing downloaded software files e.g. RealAudio player, Adobe Acrobat Reader

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