Introduction to EXCEL 2000/97   4 classes • 12 hours + practice • $130 The electronic spreadsheet has become universal in the business environment.
Spreadsheet program have replaced other more traditional means for carrying out everything from budgeting to inventory management.
Microsoft Excel has become one of the standards used by businesses everywhere.
In this course, you will be introduced to the Excel documents containing formulas, functions, charts and graphics.
The material will be presented using a mixture of lecture and hands-on practice.  
Using Excel worksheets Formatting and Printing
  • Opening, saving, printing, and closing a worksheet
  • Creating, saving and printing a chart
  • Entering labels, values, and formulas

  • Changing fonts, font style, and font size
  • Aligning cell contents
  • Centering text across columns
  • Using the numbering, currency, and percentage formats
  • Borders, colors and patterns for emphasis
  • The Drawing toolbar
  • Adding comments to a worksheet
  • Previewing printouts
  • Printing in portrait and landscape orientations
  • Centering printouts on a page
  • Removing cell gridlines from printouts
  • Displaying formulas
Developing effective worksheets
  • Changing column width, inserting rows
  • Creating a series with AutoFill and using AutoComplete
  • Relative absolute references
  • The SUM function and AutoSum
  • Formatting cells with AutoFormat
  • Adding a cell note to a worksheet
  • Checking the spelling of a worksheet
  • Locking and unlocking cells
Functions, Formulas, and Absolute references
  • The MIN and MAX, AVERAGE and TODAY functions
Charts and Graphics ( as time permits )
  • Planning & constructing charts
  • Identifying the elements of the Excel chart
  • Different types of Excel charts
  • Selecting nonadjacent ranges
  • Moving a chart and changing its size
  • Add, editing and formatting chart text
  • Adding pictures to a column chart
  • Working with multiple sheets and chart sheets

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